Slide-over canopies

Hide your old concrete door canopy, without the hassle of removal.

If your house has an old, flat concrete slab-type door canopy, we can make it beautiful with one of our slide-over door canopies!

Old concrete door canopy showing age and damageBefore: ugly old concrete canopy
New slide-over canopy covering old concrete door canopyAfter: bright new modern canopy

There's no need to remove the existing canopy, the new timber and UPVC slide-over canopy fits onto your old concrete canopy, completely hiding it from view.

This will save you a lot of time, building work and rubble removal – in short, it saves you money on building costs. The canopy simply slides over the old canopy, it is then fitted in the same way of the standard canopy.

To build a slide-over canopy, we need the sizes of your old existing canopy: length, width and thickness. The thickness needs to be taken at the front edge of the old canopy, and again at the back of the canopy where it comes out of the house wall. These sizes are very important to us as we have to work around these sizes to make your canopy, so it’s best to DOUBLE CHECK your measurements!

The slide-over canopy comes in the apex and the lean-to range. For more information and prices please contact us.